Case Studies

Renewal Yields Impressive Concessions: Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau

Overview  Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau had 2 ½  years remaining on their lease when market and economic conditions suggested they evaluate a blend and extend proposal from their landlord.  The conditions would have to be favorable for their Board and Executive committee to approve an early renewal. Results With the assistance of Rich […]

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Timing is Everything – What to Expect During the Leasing or Buying Process

In most leasing and purchasing situations of commercial real estate, there are four main players. Tenant (You) Landlord (Them) Leasing Broker (Individual who works for the Landlord’s best interest) Tenant Representative (Individual who works for the Tenant’s best interest – US!) As someone who is looking to either lease or buy a commercial space, you […]

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Online Listings – Not As They Appear

After your company decides to search for a commercial space, your first instinct may be to gather ideas from an online search. Why not? You search for everything else online! Hundreds of listings, throughout your ideal location, are at your fingertips on the web. Though this is true, be aware of the misinformation commonly found […]

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Law Firm Finds Value in Engaging Tenant Representation: Ragsdale Liggett

Overview Ragsdale Liggett had been in the same suburban location which had served them well for 20 years and felt a move to a newer facility would be a possible option.  They had never had tenant representation during their tenancy and after several presentations determined the law firm experience of Rich Commercial and the value […]

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Differences – Listing Agent vs. Tenant Broker

Looking for a commercial space to rent or purchase may seem challenging, especially if you do not understand the difference between the listing agent and the tenant broker. If you try to do it yourself, you will interact solely with the listing agents as they are the ones who will show you the space and […]

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