Building Trust with Clients

Our Tenant Advisory services are built on three ingredients that our clients value:  Experience, Expertise and Trust. The most important pillar in Tenant Representation services is TRUST!  Our clients MUST trust that we care more about them and their total satisfaction than anything else.  We are first and foremost their fiduciary which West American Law […]

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Tips for Renewing a Lease

Before your company’s office lease expires, ask yourself, “Should we renew our lease?” STOP! Don’t do anything yet. Did you know that on average 70% of tenants will renew their lease? If you are unhappy with your current space or your current lease terms, hire a tenant rep to guide you through the renewal process. […]

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Turnkey Build-out vs. TI Allowances

In a lease, landlords and tenants will agree to certain improvements to spaces especially if the building is only an exterior shell. Landlords provide either  turnkey build-outs with spaces with interior finishes or a tenant improvement allowance if a space is already retrofitted. Turnkey build-outs are usually major enhancements to an area before a tenant […]

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Why are Tenant Brokers Necessary?

Landlords have their own representation in a lease process, so why don’t you? If you believe that you can find a step-by-step comprehensive guide on how to represent, negotiate, and finalize a commercial property lease by yourself all while getting the best deal-then good luck. Winning the lottery may be easier. Even though we live […]

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Timing is Everything – What to Expect During the Leasing or Buying Process

In most leasing and purchasing situations of commercial real estate, there are four main players. Tenant (You) Landlord (Them) Leasing Broker (Individual who works for the Landlord’s best interest) Tenant Representative (Individual who works for the Tenant’s best interest – US!) As someone who is looking to either lease or buy a commercial space, you […]

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RSS Wall Street Journal Commercial Real Estate News

  • Sam Zell, Ex-Partner Face Off in Emerging Markets August 20, 2014
    Since an acrimonious split, Sam Zell and his former partner Gary Garrabrant have kept their distance. Now they are preparing to square off on turf they once conquered together: emerging-markets real estate.
  • Plots & Ploys: News Summary August 20, 2014
    MediaNews Group is putting its real estate on the block; Investors are pouring money into health-care properties; Swedish construction giant Skanska invests in more public-infrastructure projects.

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